Saturday, July 23, 2011

New bedroom happiness

We finally got back to redecorating, and finished our bedroom! After painting the back wall a gorgeous blue grey (First round, I painted it yellow, which was not a good idea) we held our breath, and bought a platform bed from Gothic Cabinets for $750. Though the website is pretty scary, and most of their designs look pretty generic, we found a great all-wood bed for way less than the West Elm particle board bed, which all together costs $1800. It looks a little like a Swedish Modern space craft, but I love it and the huge drawers under the bed hold all my extra clothes. Sweet deal!

I was thinking about getting these west elm lights, but they seemed a bit pricey at $179.00, and so instead I got these wall sconce lights from Ikea, and then switched out the lamp shade. It cost me a total of $60. I love how calm and serene the room looks now. (In case you're wondering if that's a bible, it's the 3rd book of the hunger games).
I think my bedroom is now officially the poshest bedroom I've ever had! The inspiration for this room was the Park Hyatt in Korea (where I stay for work sometimes), and I think we took the original inspiration and made it a little more homey and a little more us. 


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