Saturday, July 23, 2011

Being an amateur Art Collector

Jacob, my better half, is an artist, so we go to lots of art openings in NY. For the longest time, he used to nudge me when we went to the shows, and whisper "Tell them you're a art collector". To me, the image of an art collectors was a 60 year old couple, him in a tweed jacket and her in some flowy black dress, patrons of the arts with grand children and tons and tons of money. It's only recently that I've realized what Jacob meant, and started really loving collecting art. That doesn't mean spending tons and tons of money, in fact it often means swapping for things, or buying work from our friends. In the last year, between Jacob's collection and my growing collection, we have some really nice pieces of work that make me happy daily.

This leads me to the show that we are holding later in this summer to raise money for Team In Training and the Leukemia society. Many of our friends are donating work to the show, and it's such a great chance to get amazing work that you love, for a great deal. So, please come down to the Lower East Side in NY and pick up a piece of art you'll love forever.

Here's a shot of our living room wall, which is a combination of works of our friends, Jacob's work, a sketch I did in undergrad, a flea market find, an airplane puke bag from a trip to NY (long story) and a painting by my great great Aunt Fanny. It makes me so happy.

Crazy with the chalk board wall- our first party!

For the 4th of July we decided to host our first party, and threw a hot dog social out back. Jacob decided to draw a chalk mural on the living room wall in celebration of the event.

New bedroom happiness

We finally got back to redecorating, and finished our bedroom! After painting the back wall a gorgeous blue grey (First round, I painted it yellow, which was not a good idea) we held our breath, and bought a platform bed from Gothic Cabinets for $750. Though the website is pretty scary, and most of their designs look pretty generic, we found a great all-wood bed for way less than the West Elm particle board bed, which all together costs $1800. It looks a little like a Swedish Modern space craft, but I love it and the huge drawers under the bed hold all my extra clothes. Sweet deal!

I was thinking about getting these west elm lights, but they seemed a bit pricey at $179.00, and so instead I got these wall sconce lights from Ikea, and then switched out the lamp shade. It cost me a total of $60. I love how calm and serene the room looks now. (In case you're wondering if that's a bible, it's the 3rd book of the hunger games).
I think my bedroom is now officially the poshest bedroom I've ever had! The inspiration for this room was the Park Hyatt in Korea (where I stay for work sometimes), and I think we took the original inspiration and made it a little more homey and a little more us.